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  • Ianthi Skyros Leucippi

    The absolute contact with the blue sea

  • Ianthi Skyros Myrtoessa

    Discreet luxury through the soft colors of the sand

  • Ianthi Skyros Melite

    The power of Skyrian aesthetics in the most natural but at the same time functional presence

  • Ianthi Skyros Ourania (Urania)

    The intense & imposing color contrast

    Ourania (Urania)
  • Ianthi Skyros Cymothoe

    The vibrancy (cheerfulness) & game of colors


Accommodation Skyros

Welcome to Ianthi

Ianthi is a quality resort of 5 independent and autonomous residences, which stand out for
their personality, welcoming aura, comfort and functionality.

The full utilization of the natural landscape became the canvas for the creation of the resort.
The goal of the design was to mix the authentic island charm, with the rules of minimalist
design and modern influences. It is built amphitheatrically and thus ensures an
unobstructed view of the sea from all rooms, natural distance between all guests and
absolute tranquility. It has been built with high standards and offers premium amenities.

The island architecture, the natural and artificial lighting, the privileged location, the
functional furniture, the eco – friendly business philosophy, the personalized services, the
harmonization of the building with the area, the highlighting of the natural environment
characterize the “small” but unique Ianthi.

Unpretentious luxury, handcrafted decoration and attention to practical details are present
in the interior of all rooms. Our outdoor plants and fresh garden flowers in vases reflect the
natural simplicity, intimacy and serenity (tranquillity) of the space.

The Ianthi residences are located in the northern part of the island, at Gyrismata. They are 2
km from the town of Skyros, 13 km from the port and 18 km from the airport.

We are waiting for you all year round, since we can meet the needs of every season.
We look forward to hosting you! Skyros Accommodation!

διαμονή Σκύρος

01 – Next to the Sea

διαμονή Σκύρος

02 – Unique architecture

διαμονή Σκύρος
Let me present you with the story…

This is how it all started… an afternoon in August on the shores of Skyros, one of the Oceanids, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, Ianthi, was washed away by the waves. Such a beautiful daughter was she, that it didn’t take long to be recognized by her scent and color of the flowers that emerged.

Close to her were her 5 sisters were swirling, dreamlike creatures, bathed in the saltiness of the sea. As soon as her sisters noticed Ianthe’s absence, they ran to find her and set up a stimulating dance over the foam of the Aegean sea.

But when they saw the light, the energy and the charm of the place, they were enchanted and went ashore… Knowing that the call was strong, they decided to follow their sister and each of them to give their unique grace to this welcoming corner of this island…

Discover them…one by one…Skyros Accommodation

Skyros Accommodation

In Ianthi, everything is designed to feel like home, your holiday home on the sea

Each residence is independent and has its own unique features, services and amenities.


The Ianthi resort borrows the designation, boutique guest house because it has all the unique advantages that make it special. It stands out for the small dynamics in the rooms,
the Cycladic design, the unique concept and the personalized services for its guests.
Accommodation Skyros.

Our advantages:

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Visible cleanliness and certified disinfection. We are obsessed with the high standards of cleanliness we maintain every day in all rooms. Our close attention to the deep cleanliness and hygiene of the premises is an integral part of the travel experience of our guests.
Group WF 128x128 1
Responsibility. In Ianthi, you will find honest and warm friends who honor their guests and their trust. As regards our promises, description and recommendations, we are completely consistent and honest with you.
Earth WF 128x128 1
The reduction of the ecological footprint, environmental sustainability and the selection of high quality of local products define our philosophy.
Team 02 WF 128x128 1
Authentic warmth and true hospitality. We welcome you to our home as true hosts, wanting you to feel comfortable and familiarize with the environment easily.
Untitled 128x128 1
Privileged location on the sea. Accommodation Skyros.
διαμονή  Σκύρος
  • διαμονή Σκύρος
    Accommodation Skyros

    • Transfer from / to the airport
    • Private parking space for each room
    • Free Wi-Fi in all areas
    • Rooms / facilities for the disabled
    • Private entrance
    • Autonomous and Independent houses
    • Platform in the sun
    • Large beach umbrella & chairs for the beach.
    • Check In: 15.00, Check out: 11.30
    (Arrival times are flexible by arrangement.)

  • διαμονή Σκύρος
    Accommodation Skyros

    • Quick check in/check out
    • 24 hour reception
    • Ability to provide an invoice
    • Luggage storage
    • Organization of excursions
    • Vehicle rental

  • διαμονή Σκύρος
    Accommodation Skyros

    • Fire extinguishers
    • Smoke detectors
    • Key access
    • 24 hour security

  • διαμονή Σκύρος
    Accommodation Skyros

    • Greek
    • English

  • διαμονή Σκύρος
    Accommodation Skyros

    • Fireplace
    • Radiator
    • Air conditioning


Personalized service and tailor-made services aimed at your personal care. At the end of the day, you get a unique hosting experience with what you really need and deserve!

Skyros Accommodation: Ask us for everything you need to take off your stay…

I am Amerissa Eugenikou, the hostess of Ianthi, a local resident of the island in winter and summer. For three whole years, I had been working with zeal for the creation of the resort, having as a point of reference the architectural tradition of the area and the respect for the natural landscape.

With personal effort, love and passion I searched, discovered and secured for each room, small handcrafted treasures from the folk tradition of the island.

My goal is to make your stay unforgettable, to literally feel that I am opening my home to you to enjoy my generous hospitality.

You will find me at the resort office, all day long, eagerly waiting to personally serve you and get busy designing unique island experiences for you.

Accommodation Skyros…

development architect 02
Αμέρισσα Ευγενικού
Amerisa Eugenikou
διαμονή Σκύρος
Eco Friendly

With respect to traditional island architecture, we emphasized sustainability and the adoption of best practices for a sustainable green housing complex (resort).

We care about our footprint on the environment, we pay attention to the utilization of the local community and we respect the ecosystem.

We prove it in practice:

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We use renewable energy sources.
Solar 128x128 1
We use heating and cooling with thought, utilizing solar energy sources.
Recover Deleted Items 128x128 1
We eliminated single-use plastic utensils.
Houses 128x128 1
We support the local economy and society.
Leaf 01 WF 128x128 1
We choose eco-friendly cleaning.
Vegetable Tomato WF 128x128 1
“Farm to table”. We enjoy fruits and vegetables from our own garden.
διαμονή Σκύρος


In Ianthi, we upgrade you from a traveler to a collector of experiences… premium experience! Don’t use your mobile but your eyes to save new images and feel!

Authentic experiences to reconnect with ourselves and nature, focusing on the here and now, grounded in the present.

Accommodation Skyros…

Sarakiniko cruise

Every day, boats depart from Pefko beach bound for Glyfada, the beach with transparent waters in Sarakiniko, a small uninhabited islet, south of Skyros. On the way to Glyfada, the boats stop for dives and photos in two caves of the island…

Familiarity with local culture and music

The best, genuine, empirical experience of the Skyrian tradition can be your participation in a festival of the island. In them you can enjoy boiled goat with goat pilaf, local goat, accompanied by Skyrian wine. Here, the Skyrians prove their simplicity, offering the whole world free tastes and fun.

Mark the festivals in your agenda:

• July 19-20 of the Prophet Elias (Ai Lias, the tall one)
• July 26-27 of Agios Panteleimonos in Marmaros
• August 5-6 of the Transfiguration of the Savior
• August 14-15 of the Dormition of the holy virgin in Panagia Meglou
• September 1-2 of Agios Mamandos

The combination of mountain and sea gives the opportunity to practice many sports:

• Hikes on eight marked routes
• Cycling
• Horseback riding
• Wind surfing
• Canoeing
• Water ski
• Sailing trip diving in unexplored seabeds

Explore outdoor adventures

If you are a nature lover, the place offers beautiful nature trails with unique plants, animals and birds such as black tulip, wild orchid. You can also go mountain climbing, bird watching to see the rare Mavropetritis falcon.

Skyrian Carnival

Experience up close folk traditional aspects of the island, such as the famous Skyrian
Carnival. Learn more…

skyros map2 8194e28f


Skyros is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea. It is the southernmost and largest island of the Northern Sporades and is located east of Evia. 

Strong contrasts characterize the island. The pine forests of its northern side contrast charmingly with the barren hills of the south. A natural and varied terrain, with pine hills, rocky mountain landscapes, idyllic secluded beaches, extensive coasts, sea caves.  

Highlights …must see and feel …

The comments of previous customers are your safety net for Ianthi. Our guests share their positive experiences with us:

  • Booking Logo 8a06c65c

    The accommodation and facilities were the best we have encountered in recent times. The absolute tranquility provided by the location is ideal for resting and enjoying your swimming in the sea.

    Kostas__ath, Greece
  • Booking Logo 8a06c65c
    Quality accommodation with high quality facilities

    The view, the attention to cleanliness, the location, the quality construction of the accommodation.

    Ilias, Greece
  • Booking Logo 8a06c65c
    Escape from the intensity and sounds of the city

    The accommodation and facilities were the best we have encountered in recent times.

    The absolute tranquility provided by the location is ideal for resting and enjoying your swim in the sea.

    Eleni, Greece
    Amerisa Eugenikou
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