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σκύρος διακοπές

Skyrian Holidays

The island

Skyros Holidays, on the southernmost island of the Northern Sporades.

Still untouched by mass tourism, it does not succumb to the mass and the trivial. It maintains gentle, humane rhythms of life while maintaining a rugged identity.

Skyros, blessed with strong contrasts, gives its visitor many different options. The island seems to be divided in two, by the “Mountain”. The Ari plateau, where the famous small horses of Skyros live freely, naturally intersects the island and separates the northern from the southern part.

On the one hand, the north of the island unfolds where the Skyrian nature is expressed with dense pine forests and dreamy routes in the cool. On the other hand, the southern part of the island is barren and rocky. Here, sea caves with stalagmites, deserted islands and pristine beaches dominate.

Finally, Skyrians are renowned for their kindness and generosity, and are willing to accommodate your wishes for an escape from the pressures of the city.

Extra secret, for photography lovers: The spot with the best view of the island is the chapel of Agios Panteleimon. Ask us about…

Σκυριανά αλογάκια

Scyrian horses

Must See & Feel

The Skyros horse is rare and unique. In short, what sets it apart is that while it is small in stature, the rest of its characteristics are the same as those of common horses. The Scyrian small horse has a height of 90 to 110 cm, is thin-boned, with a thick head, large eyes and nostrils.

Furthermore, it is a companion animal, sociable, intelligent and with a particularly friendly attitude towards children.

The legend claims that the Skyrian horses are descendants of the horses that pulled the chariot of Achilles and at the same time, they also adorn the Parthenon’s Frieze.

If you want to get to know this breed of horse, visit the Skyrian Horse Conservation Center στο Farm Mouries, where 65 Skyrian horses are housed.

Finally, for Skyrian holidays and horse riding, visit the “Apaloussa Horse Riding Club”.

Μνημείο Ρούπερτ Μπρουκ, Πλατεία Μπρουκ

Rupert Brooke Memorial, Brooke Square

Must See & Feel

Skyrian Holidays: In Eternal Poetry Square, the statue of the English Philhellenic poet Rupert Brooke, who died in Skyros during the First World War dominates, the work of the sculptor Michael Tombrou.

Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο

Archaeological Museum

Must See & Feel

Skyrian Holidays: The Museum is housed in a beautiful building with a courtyard and hosts collections of findings from various archaeological sites on the island and dating from the Proto-Hellenic period (2800 to 1900 BC) up to the Roman years.

Λαογραφικό μουσείο Μάνου και Αναστασίας Φαλτάιτς

Folklore museum of Manus and Anastasia Faltaits

Must See & Feel

Skyrian Holidays: The Faltych Museum, with its wonderful wooden balcony, houses a complete representation of a traditional Skyrian house, as well as a large number of handicrafts and tools. An authentic testimony that unfolds all the everyday life and history of the island over the centuries. Therefore, the creation of the folklore museum promotes the preservation of the traditional heritage of Skyros, the protection of the community’s traditions and ensuring that these traditions will continue to be passed down from generation to generation. In addition, cultural heritage offers a rich source of inspiration for artists, designers and art makers.

Το Κάστρο της Σκύρου

The Castle of Skyros

Must See & Feel

Skyrian Holidays: The famous Byzantine Castle is located at the highest point of Chora, on top of a steep rock. The panoramic view of Skyros and the sea will compensate you for the climb. Its history wants to be the ancient acropolis and seat of the ancient king of the island of Lycomedes.

Μοναστήρι Αγίου Γεωργίου, προστάτη του νησιού

Monastery of Agios Georgios, patron saint of the island

Must See & Feel

Skyrian Holidays: At the beginning of the Castle you will find the entrance to the Monastery of Agios Georgios Epanotos, which dates back to the 10th century. The monastery is full of memories and information about Skyros and her life. Enter and admire the beautiful frescoes, the impressive iconostasis and two Byzantine icons of Saint George. The medal of Olympian Spyros Louis is also among the tamas.

Σκυριανή Αποκριά

Skyrian Carnival

Skyrian Holidays

Skyrian holidays and the Skyrian Halloween. One of the most famous traditional events in Greece, which you should not miss if you are on the island.

In a Dionysian atmosphere, the celebration begins with the disguise of the inhabitants as Elders, Koreles and Franks. Locals masquerading as “Old Man” are dressed in a woolly black cape and goatskin mask while wearing a belt with herd bells around the waist. They are accompanied by other male residents “Korela”, i.e. a woman in traditional costume. In the company there are always participants as “Franks” who wear a mask and a large bell around their waist.

According to legend, the custom came from a shepherd who lost all his sheep due to the harsh winter. Wanting to announce it to his fellow villagers, he girded himself with the bells from the lost sheep and taking his wife and his neighbor, they walked through the streets of the island.

Then the trawling custom takes place. On the last Sunday at noon, in the central square of the island, the trawler arrives with its crew where the participants, wearing fishermen’s uniforms, satirize the current situation by scribbling improvised verses.

Finally, the celebration ends on a clean Monday in the central square, with those present dressed in traditional costumes, dancing to traditional island rhythms.


What good to eat!

Skyrian cuisine

In Skyros you will find taverns with genuine, tasty and authentic delicacies. Its cuisine stands out for its nutritional value, the quality of its ingredients and the wisdom of traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. Wherever you go to eat in Skyros, the portions are huge and the prices quite low.

In short, two are the main protagonists of Skyrian dishes: the wild goat and the lobster. After all, Skyros has the nickname “the mother of lobsters”, because it seems that the lobsters love its clear and cool waters very much.

Skyrian holidays mean tastes like:

– Wild goats

– Graviera, mizithra, sour cheese

– Thyme honey, from pine or heather

Local pies are famous:

– Oil pie, with fluffy dough and Skyrian cheese

– Teropitaria (with trachana, rice and mizithra)

The local sweet is:

The traditional loukumades (with the hole in the middle), which are also the invitations for a wedding or baptism.

Extra local secret: Try Skyrian fava to which the locals add a little fennel to make it even more delicious. The locals cook it on the tzoukali, and instead of a fork they use an onion leaf.

Ask us about it …don’t be shy!

σκύρος διακοπές


Skyrian holidays

Skyrian holidays: With clear waters and a pine forest going down to their coast.

Most are sandy, sweet and gentle, without sunbeds and beach bars. Others are more secular, filled with children’s voices and a strong desire for company and camaraderie. Many beaches of northern Skyros, beaches of special natural beauty and sea caves can only be reached by boat.

A list of major beaches to note:  

Peykos (pine tree)

It is located just 10 kilometers from the Chora of Skyros, on a road with several turns. A wooden staircase in the pines leads you to the sandy beach. The true charm of this beach is that it is surrounded by pine trees, in clear green-blue waters. Large pieces of marble from the old quarry are sticking out of the ground here and there. You will find a canteen and a few sunbeds.

Saint Peter
Unorganized, picturesque with a bohemian hippie mood is ideal for those of you who are not looking for typical tourist normality. With a sand dune along the beach, a pine-clad ridge behind and cedars on the towering rock formations, it invites you to set up your umbrella and get lost.
Lady Panagia
17km from the town of Skyros, it is ideal for families with children. Shallow waters, quiet and organized beach. The beach is clean with soft and pleasant sand.

The most popular, large and organized beach of Molos with soft sand and shallow waters. It is the most secular of the island with taverns, beach bars, easy parking and a view of the Castle.

One of the largest and most popular beaches of Skyros, with sand, pebbles and crystal clear waters. It is sheltered and quite sheltered from the wind, with umbrellas from the local tavern. When it faces north winds, it is ideal for windsurfing.
With fine sand and turquoise waters.
Agios Fokas
Small, sheltered beach with clear waters. On one side of the small pier, the tavern of the same name (Agios Fokas) sets up its umbrellas. On the other hand, it has fine pebbles, barren fields and bushy vegetation.
Just 5 km from Chora. Excellent choice for families with small children since it is quite shallow with fine sand and warm waters.
Blue clear waters, while it is mandatory to bring an umbrella with you.
It requires quite a bit of walking, but it’s worth it. It has coarse pebbles.
Separate pebbly beach with clear blue waters, in the cove of the same name.
Secluded beach, with small rocks, trees, many birds and crystal clear waters. A 4×4 vehicle is required, as you arrive via a relatively difficult dirt road.

Extra Local Secret:

Don’t forget before you leave for a beach, ask us which one is ideal according to the wind of the day.

Skyrian holidays,

they mean experiences, tastes, aromas and secrets from the hospitable Ianthi.

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