Skyros is the largest island of Sporades. It has been sculptured by the forces of the nature over the centuries and is decorated by the beautiful architecture with the characteristic blue and white scenery that composes the old town. Hanging on the rocky hill side to protect itself from the invadors of the past, Skyros reveals the rich history and traditions of the local people in all aspects. Full of contrasts, connected to the past, although discreetly tracking the future, it still remains one of the untouched treasures of this country. With a huge diversity of beaches for all tastes, especially famous local cuisine, various handmade products and original souls of the people, it’s easy to capture the visitors’ heart and soul at first sight. Not missing a really interesting nightlife eiher, it is definitely one of the most ideal, easy to reach but hard to forget destinations for your vacations. Come join us and experience on your own.

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